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In the grid below, you will find a summary of my teaching philosophy alongside evidence of its effective implementation. 

 Philosophy Implementation/Evidence
Teaching Methods
Effective mathematics instruction, especially at the undergraduate level, balances content knowledge acquisition and mathematical skill developmentIn order to facilitate students’ acquisition of content knowledge and development of mathematical skills, I use various active and collaborative teaching and learning strategies.
AssessmentThe above teaching methods are continually informed by assessments that measure both content knowledge acquisition and mathematical skill development
  • Emphasized abstract reasoning and calculations with improper integrals in second semester calculus course
    Improper Integrals Quiz

  • Provided introductory proofs students with unfamiliar definitions (topology, basis) in order to assess skill of reading and using definitions
    Topology Problem Set
Inclusive Community
and Diversity
In order to maximize student learning, I strive for inclusion at many levels of education, from the intimate environment of the classroom to the structural level of the university.
Professional DevelopmentSelf-reflection is critical for improving teaching effectiveness. By evaluating past teaching practices, I have discovered new areas for professional growth